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DIY Sandcastle Prop

Every photographer loves a good DIY! My Sandcastle DIY is perfect for in studio and on location beach shoots!

If you aren't lucky enough to have a beach nearby for sessions, this prop pairs perfectly with my Summerland back drop from Intuition Backgrounds! Here's what y'all need: SANDCASTLE BUCKET

You may even have one in your kid's sandbox. If not, here's one from amazon that works perfectly.


Don't skip this step! Trust me! If you do, your sandcastle will flake off. This one works perfectly.

TEXTURED SPRAY PAINT I used Krylon Stone Spray Paint in Limestone CLEAR MATTE SPRAY PAINT This step seals it in so don't skip this one either. (Non-matte is ok and gives yours sand castle a wet look) Here's what I used.

There's really not much to it. Just remove the handle, prime, paint, seal and you're done! Let it dry in between coats of course. (You're welcome for not writing a novel and making you scroll through 100 ads before you got to the important parts). These make a perfect photography prop or party decoration! I can't wait to see your castles!

This is a free site but this blog may contain some affiliate links so be kind and order your supplies through the links please!


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