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Your Photography Business is not a Lemonade Stand...

How often do you see togs who are in a sticky client situation and they usually mention how they didn't have a contract, don't have set prices or packages, don't charge sustainable prices, don't use proper invoicing, don't have set policies, or just generally cut corners when it comes to running a legit, profitable business. Here's the thing. If you don't have a legit, legal, and professionally run business and brand, your clients are NOT going to treat you like a professional. Not only that, but potential clients who WANT a professional are not going to even consider booking with you.They are going to roll their eyes and move on while making a mental note not to ever hire you.

You are running your photography business like a lemonade stand if you:

Don't have a general business license. (Most towns and counties do require them to start ANY kind of business)

Aren't charging profitable and sustainable prices.

Aren't Paying yourself a livable wage and/or salary from your photography business.

Aren't paying taxes. (Remember, Sales tax, State taxes and Federal taxes are all different things. Sales and state taxes vary but Federal taxes are the same for all states and if you are making over $600 per year before expenses, you need to be filing.)

Don't have a retail license in an area that requires one. (Usually required to sell physical prints and products or items requiring sales tax).

Aren't requiring clients to sign contracts prior to bookings.

Aren't collecting Non-refundable Retainers (or deposits) to book a session.

Allow clients to haggle on your prices.

Don't have set business policies.

Are using a free version or your website or have no website. (Yes I realize the irony in this one but this blog is not for my photography clients).

Do not have a legitimate credit card processor to take credit cards payments. (And no, I do not recommend using Pay Pal). I use Square and LOVE it!

As adorable as lemonade stands are, no one needs to be running their photography business like one.

When you do, you are inviting clients to walk all over you and treat your like a board six year old..... Afterthoughts: I came up with this analogy while on vacation. Laying by the pool, drinking a $12 frozen lemonade champagne (it was amazing) brought to my pool chair by a cabana boy.... Don't get me wrong, I love a cute lemonade stand but I would MUCH rather have have the resort drink.... Once I respect as a legitimate, well run business, and the other is cute but they aren't respected as professionals.....

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